BanyoTeks Banyo ve Ev Halıları

Production of elite, Lux houses and Bath carpets in İstanbul...

BanyoTeks executes your images for you relating private Bath and Home Carpets. It is in your hands to determine carpet models which are appopriate for ceramic and curb in your home decoration or bath by choosing between 42 colors...

BanyoTeks is specialized about production concept, is delivering according to the technical possibilities, requests in template production securely and rapidly. 

The bath images special to the person, can have varieties. But there is a joint point between these. Color and Harmony 

BanyoTeks can offer an appopriate product for all kind of shapes.

BanyoTeks bath carpet production concept:

Each BanyoTeks Home and Bath carpets are made by hands and result of detailed labour. The processes are shaped on Europe Non-woven, private weaving machines relating requested form or design with our trained team’s abilities.

After the process of weaving, each bath carpets are sent to the first quality control department and are controlled due to neatness, correctness of color combination, form and size. This quality control of the first production stage relating the bath carpet, guarantees high quality bath carpet to our customers.

Your carpet which is laminated with Natural Latex, is more durable and has a non-skid feature.

Afterwards, the around of your carpets will be closed by overlock with the same color thread.

Your orders will be delivered in private packages to prevent damages during transportation.

Quality Guarantee: 

All Bath and Home Carpets have non-skid and high-quality features. Your choice can be bath or home carpet. If these are used according to the usage conditions,BanyoTeks gives two years product quality guarantee for you.